April 27th, 2021

By Victoria Slagel, Fine Art Consultant 

Michael Kessler wrapped up our winter season with The Hidden Secrets, a solo exhibition and week-long artist residency in Park City. Being a professional artist for over 50 years, Kessler confesses that his process at this point it is all about gradual evolution.



Making art has always been a central focus in his life, the magical and quite unpredictable behavior of paint on paper continues to fascinate and propel him forward. His continual experimentation with the materials, playing with degrees of absorbency and resists deliver endless surprises.



Through continual experimentation with the materials, Kessler discovers the hidden potential of paint to suggest natural forms, textures, and movements, simply by handing the paint in specific ways. 



“My hope is that people viewing my work will be able to get inside the process and see the relationships I’m setting up between the various elements I’m presenting.” -Michael Kessler