April 12th, 2021

By Victoria Slagel, Fine Art Consultant 


“Memento Vivere,” a Latin phrase translating directly to “Remember to Live,” is the moving meditation by Wyoming artist Matt Flint, a reminder to cultivate wonder in all aspects of life. In his latest body of work Flint grounds himself in the present moment, being fully absorbed with the here and now, holding space for wonder, mystery, and beauty to emerge.





Each painting has a specific short story about its origin. The subjects range from the incredible long distance travelling of swallows, vintage photographs of his daughters when they were little, to his staple wildlife animals and their atmospheric natural habitat.



Keeping the wonder alive in his work Flint will have each story printed and hung along side each painting. When sold, the story will be placed in an enveloped and attached to the back.




Through newfound motivation and approach, this body of work is the result of risk taking, finding the balance between abstraction and representation, creating an emotional expression with intangible things.