January 6th, 2021


Written by Victoria Slagel, Fine Art Consultant


What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be a good human? How can art positively influence the world around you? Bridgette Meinhold and R. Nelson Parish explore these questions with their newest body of work, “Letters to the Universe,” diving into the unknown and creating comfort through art. It is ultimately through creation that we have a chance to explore a new reality, a new way of living, and a new way of dreaming for a better tomorrow.

Bridgette Meinhold, our cherished Park City local, uses her artistic platform to ask the question, “What more is there for us to know?” Seeing her art as a question in and of itself, a query full of potential to make the viewer think, to feel, and to learn. Her ethereal encaustic landscapes are an exploration into that uncertainty and the questions that propel us forward.




Nelson Parrish rejoices in his new creations, molding together bio-resin and discarded wood. Each unique installation has a story for humanity, one of blind hope and eternal optimism. Parrish celebrates his 2nd exhibition of 2020, a little bit wiser and a lot more prepared for the road ahead, grounded by his belief that art is the anchor for all existence. With all the twists and turns this year has brought one underlying truth still burns true, our relationship with nature and community will ensure our success as we venture into the unknown.