January 6th, 2021

Written by Victoria Slagel, Fine Art Consultant



UK born, Colorado-based artist Sarah Winkler captivates her audience with her new series titled “All Mountain.” Playing with habitat, texture, and color, Winkler creates another fascinating body of work with tree lines, geological formations, and the cyclical nature of mountain life.

Perched at 8,600ft, Sarah Winkler is fully engulfed in the very subject that has changed her artistic expression forever. Her studio is a quiet and secluded oasis, nestled amongst aspens and conifer trees in the Rocky Mountains, Winkler bows in gratitude to the landscapes that provide a therapeutic sense of peace, emotional connection, and wellbeing.

Chromatically rich aspen forests and dense green conifer trees undulate over her large-scale paintings. Winkler depicts the landscape both above and below an imaginary horizon line, giving them a sense of reflection. Her reflective works emphasize the processes of nature and interconnectivity of life-sustaining resources in mountainous environments. The resulting paintings are layered, hard edged, and filled with luminous abstract painted textures, condense and connecting the features of her mountainous landscapes.

Winkler works experimentally with paint, pigment, additives, resists, brushes, and unconventional tools to create her textures and imagery, mimicking the forces and patterns of nature that sculpt and change landscapes over time. The cut and layered aesthetic in her work reinforces concepts that the earth is not a static place.