September 1st, 2020

By Victoria Slagel, Fine Art Consultant

Creativity is a process. You have to show up for it, consistently and with discipline.

“A New Way,” is our most recent show. A new way to hold space, a new way to share art, and a new way to bring people and artists together.


As a community we grow and learn through a new temporary normal,
proving that if we come together, we will do more than thrive, we will persevere.


Ron Russon, our local Utah artist, finds creativity through intuitive decisions, rather than relying on reference photos or views. Painting from his gut, or heart, his intentions of bringing good into the world through colorful oil on canvas is translated beautifully. Ron calls for more goodness, especially with the state of the world, creating through positivity, contemplation, reaction, and all around good vibes. His subjects being the symbols of strength, hope and faith, these glimpses of nature give the viewer hope that the world can make it through.


Dolan Geiman, best of the Park City Arts Fest, joins us along with his brilliant creations blazing the trail for a new way to share his artwork. Typically Geiman travels with his wife, selling handcrafted 2D and 3D mixed media artwork at art fairs across the country, but with open doors we welcome him and his creations. Each work of art is a handcrafted array of salvaged and collected materials.

Geiman’s portfolio is vast, quite varied, and could fall under the category of collage of assemblage. In his current body of work, Geiman brings us large scale paper collage portraits of American icons and Animalia entirely from hand cut vintage paper elements. His artistic process originates at the moment he begins rummaging through an abandoned barn, a derelict warehouse, or a gnarly industrial scrapyard. To the artist, these places are veritable treasure chests of artistic material.