August 5th, 2020

By Victoria Slagel, Fine Art Consultant

June 26th marked the first exhibition of a very surreal summer season. With face masks on and keeping 6′ apart, we welcomed Havoc Hendricks in the flesh, alongside artworks by Laura Wait, Horacio Rodriguez, and the Kollabs duo. “Urban Sensibilities” explores the connection between the influence of street and the polished world of fine art and how the seemingly urban styles impact even the most sophisticated artists.

Idaho born artist Havoc Hendricks’ art style can be coined as Detailed Minimalism, influenced by the natural lines found throughout nature. Keeping life as organic and easy as he can, his style showcases the power of his emotionally minimal lifestyle while acknowledging the thought and energy maintained to achieve that way of being.

New Mexico artist Laura Wait has found inspiration while living in the urban environment of large cities from Los Angeles and New York City to London, where street art is in abundance. Oddly enough, the greatest impact to Waits work has been Japanese calligraphy. Working on paper with mixed paint, she creates each panel using collage techniques in a free and open manner. Her marks are universal and also somewhat random, often related to music. Her mark making adds dimension as the act of writing creates layers of melody and rhythm.

Local ceramic artist Horacio Rodriguez brings a three dimensional addition to the show, using clay and ceramic materials. Rodriguez’s work speaks volumes about the many borders he has crossed in his life, both actually and psychologically. As a product of multiple cultures and identities, his art is a vehicle used to explore the creation of his personal narrative.








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