July 21st, 2020

When the Covid-19 virus hit Park City, we felt the need to do something greater for our community, to reach beyond our own walls — while also supporting our artists. We purchased 15 handbags and sent them to our artists to create their own beautiful artworks on the bags. With each Totes Essential Handbag sale, the funds will be split between the artists and the Park City Community Foundation’s Community Response Fund for Covid-19. The top earning bag was created by James Penfield, “Owl in Gold,” for $800.

Each handbag is an expression of the individual artists’ desire to contribute — and several artists are also donating their own share of the sale to the Fund. We invite you to bid up these Totes Essential Handbags and own your own one-of-a-kind (functional!) work of art. The auction ran for one week and raised a total of $5,000.

Cheers to you for your interest, thank you for your support of our community, and congratulations to the winners!