July 24th, 2020

Bright and bold, hip fashion and female empowerment inspire this Boston artist, and her work is a perfect fit for Gallery MAR collectors. Combined with pop culture/vintage playbills from Paris (and a recent trip to Haiti), Maxwell’s paintings capture the very definition of fun and fierce females.


“I have loved fashion since I was a little girl,” says Maxwell.  Maxwell’s designs have roots from her childhood visits to her grandfather’s garment factory in South Boston where bolts of fabric, industrial machines, and a diva of a designer wowed the young Jane. Born in Boston, she creates mixed media collage that is built from many layers of found paper; most recently aging billboard posters from Europe.

Maxwell’s artistic voice grew out of a passion for vintage materials, modern fashion and design – mingled with a deep fascination for pop culture and female empowerment. Maxwell’s work has been collected around the globe.


“Into my adulthood, my love for fashion grew, but I went through a period of deeply resenting the fashion industry for teasing me with clothes that I could neither fit into nor afford. In fact, much of my art over the past 20 years has commented on my complicated relationship with fashion, the media and its direct influence on the cultural epidemic of negative body image. As I’ve aged, I still can’t fit into most of the fashion I revere, and I am still overwhelmed by the price tags, but something has shifted in me.”

“While I still struggle with ambivalent feelings, I have come to terms with the fact that I am deeply and apologetically moved by fashion. I find it to be creative and innovative. I love the power, confidence and individuality it offers women. I am enamored with fashion’s color, shape, texture, fluidity and form. And, I am happy that the fashion world has begun to embrace women of different shapes, sizes and color.”

Surfer Girls” is a series of 4 primary colored paintings (22″ x 22″ each), richly coated in glossy resin.  Let’s group and conquer!

Celebrate summer fun, fashion and Jane Maxwell’s new collection at Gallery MAR. Our next summer reception featuring Ron Russon, Jared Davis and Dolan Geiman will be Friday, July 31, 6-9 pm, and coincides with the monthly Park City Gallery Stroll.