June 6th, 2020

By Veronica Vale

While art galleries and art museums were closed during COVID-19, we were heartened by the creative ways that people stayed engaged with the art community. One of our favorites has been the viral Isolation Art Challenge where people recreate famous paintings while in self-isolation — using only what’s available to them at home. We loved seeing these impressive recreations of beautiful artworks and felt inspired to try it out ourselves… with a Gallery MAR twist. We hope you enjoy our take on the Isolation Art Challenge: Gallery MAR Edition, featuring our very own Gallery MAR staff.

I tried my hand at recreating Fred Calleri‘s beautiful new work, “Window Dressing,” using my very own 1920s-inspired cocktail dress. Who knew a lampshade could make such a convincing round purse in a pinch? After all, using strange, found objects is all part of the fun.

Gallery MAR manager, Eileen Treasure, gives us a beautiful take on Maura Allen’s Western-inspired work, featuring her favorite cowboy, her husband, Don.

My new pup, Zorro, even got in on the fun. Here he gives his best effort at being still enough to recreate the precious and adorable work of Fran Nicholson, “Kirby with Bat Wings.” Which Fran Nicholson bronze looks most like your dog?

Fine Art Consultant, Victoria Slagel, gets creative with her recreation of one of Hunt Slonem’s iconic bunny paintings. with a fun and lively makeup look. Doesn’t she look like an angel?

Gallery MAR owner, Maren Mullin, gives us her fun take on Fred Calleri’s “Warm and Cool.” We love the creative use of fabrics and wallpaper to mimic Calleri’s masterful texture and vintage style (and notice that Gallery MAR mug?).

Gallery MAR manager, Eileen Treasure, uses social distancing signs for this topical recreation of Nina Tichava’s mixed media work. Dots and circles have long been used as a beautiful design element in contemporary art, and studies have shown that humans are attracted to circles more than any other shape. We hope these distancing signs are only a temporary corruption of their likability!

How did we do? Did our twist on this viral Isolation Art Challenge make you smile?  We sure had a blast giving it a try.

We challenge you to try it out for yourself and show us your best Isolation Art Challenge: Gallery MAR Edition. Tag us on our Facebook or Instagram and you might just get featured on our social media.