March 21st, 2020

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Eileen Treasure, Manager

Salt Lake City just experienced it’s strongest earthquake (5.7) in over 100 years.

For those of us with a large art collection, that brings to mind placement and installation for our precious pieces — should you live in earthquake-prone parts of the country. The best advice I read was to have “soft art” over your bed. Translation — if it falls off the wall onto your face, you won’t be injured.  Ouch!

Canvas-wrapped paintings, without a frame, fit the bill. And Gallery MAR features several artists in that category including Ron Russon, Mary Scrimgeour, Stefan Heyer, Patrick St. Clair and some of the work by James Penfield, Jonathan Julien, Nina Tichava, Hunt Slonem and Michael Kessler.  Send us a picture of your bed wall and we will Photoshop some safety options.

Below, using the magic of Photoshop, are some ideas of available paintings  in the gallery of 40″ – 48″ height




Here are some installation inspiration images from our collectors:


Let’s talk installation, too. There is “theft-proof” hardware available — but if you use hooks instead of just nails, paintings will stay put (unless the wall comes down.) You could also secure wire around the hanging wire on the back of the painting and wrapped around the hook and nail.

As always, we would love to talk to you about your specific situation. Call or email us or make an appointment to chat (at 6 ft) in the gallery. We are here daily staffing the gallery!