January 21st, 2020

In the Art Lounge we have two Artist Talks this month, and we will hope to have you join us at at least one. Please read more below and note that seating is limited for both, and these events require your RSVP to info@gallerymar.com.


Utah-born Warren Neary will come back for a visit home to present “A Brush with Art and a Military Legacy.”
The first guests to register will also receive a limited edition signed lithograph print of one of Neary’s classic, snowy Park City scenes in a custom tote bag. Says Neary, “I’ve always felt a little out of place as an artist type in the military, and as the oldest of nine, my dad said I was the last one he’d expected to join the US Air Force. However, I felt it was a calling for me to serve in addition to pursuing my artwork.”


As an artist and US Air Force Officer, Warren Neary will share the exciting adventures of his development as an artist, an Airman and family man in capturing stories from around the world.  Today he is an accomplished artist, a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force Reserve,  happily married and father of five. Come and meet Warren, listen to his stories and see a presentation on art and military service at Gallery MAR on Saturday, Feb. 22 at 2 p.m.  Warren will also demonstrate his approach to painting prior to the art talk from 11 am to 2 p.m. 


The end of the year’s shortest month always brings us fresh work from Matt Flint (video above). This year on February 29th at 3 pm, Flint will also present an art talk for this “Forward Echo” exhibition. If you have ever wanted to hear from the artist himself about his creative process and techniques, now is a perfect time.