January 21st, 2020

By Victoria Slagel

December 27th kicked off Jylian Gustlin’s solo exhibition “Collective Humanity” at Gallery MAR.

This California native mixed media artist captivates her audience and collectors yet again with figurative studies, her famous Fibonacci series, a collaboration with her brother Dave expanding on Equus, and the inevitable Entropy collection. Each piece unique yet clearly a Gustlin creation upon first glance, Jylian’s new body of work is nothing short of spectacular. The obscure figures, as if the viewer is hearing spoken words from a person and a different truth from their body language, are her signature main stay. Vibrant colors, layered from 100-500 different medias, draw the viewer in creating a wonderful textural quality.

Gustlin believes, “It is all about getting lost in the process and letting your inner creativity take over and lead you in the direction the piece needs to follow. It may have something to do with the spark of creativity or from a mistake; in art, there are no mistakes, just different outcomes.”









More views from the show, below. Please visit us during the Sundance Film Festival to see all of these paintings.