January 6th, 2020

By Veronica Vale

As we welcome in a new decade, we also welcome in new interior design trends and artistic styles. Interior designer Michelle Ogundehin from the BBC series Interior Design Masters relays the latest interior design trends of 2020, and we’re excited for you to see how our Gallery MAR artists can bring these chic new trends to your home.

Increased Texture and Tactility

The days of mass produced flat prints have long gone and we’re ready to welcome in the age of texture. The line between painting and sculpture has never been so blurred, and we’re thrilled about it. These new works by new Gallery MAR artists Havoc Hendricks and Stefan Heyer brilliantly exemplify the genre-less magic of highly tactile painting. Their mixed media works are sure to bring greater depth and interest to your home.





The Rise of the Humble

From exposed concrete walls to hand woven baskets, humble materials and content have been on the rise. As the world around us continues to grow more complicated and digital, we can’t help but crave a return to simplicity. Mixed media artist Pamela Murphy helps us to rejoice in the modest and ordinary with her gorgeously nostalgic work.


Modern Simplicity

Along with the rise of the humble comes the rise of simplicity. Interior design is trending towards a greater appreciation of primitive style, albeit, one that feels more modern and fresh. Mixed media artist Mary Scrimgeour perfectly exemplifies this blend. While she paints in an intentionally rough, intensely subjective way, – in a style that could be characterized as neo-expressionist – her vibrant color palette and whimsical subject matter gives her work a feeling of modern elegance.



A Touch of Spice

Although Classic Blue was named Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year, Michelle Ogundehin brings attention to an edgier color trend: that of “piquant and tangy mustard.” Personally, we can’t help but think that this color looks an awful lot like Gallery MAR yellow…Find even more of this fresh and cheery color at Gallery MAR on our previous blog post, “MARigold.”



Happy Design

The year 2020 has such an even, wholesome feel to it, it’s no wonder happy design is trending. We hope this new decade brings you all the peace and joy you deserve, starting with these bright, playful works by mixed media artist Jylian Gustlin.



Gilty Pleasures

We have to confess that we’ve been big fans of gold art from the start, so this gilt trend is one we’re more than happy to get behind. Mixed media sculpture artist Joe Norman delivers us our glistening gold in his latest sculptural series. These polished pieces will shine in any space, doubling as a humbling reminder to choose “love” over “fear” and “truth” over “story” in the new year.

Whatever your taste, thank you for following along with Gallery MAR. We hope to help you find something that calls to you, and from all of us here at Gallery MAR, we wish you a happy and blessed new year.