December 17th, 2019

by Eileen Treasure, Manager

Her art friends call her the Water Witch.

Cristall Harper paints water like no one else. It’s a specialized process of her own invention. She begins with an acrylic stage. This is where the abstract mark-making happens. Next comes the oil paint stage where light and sparkle are added. Don’t expect to learn all her secret techniques here, or it wouldn’t be magic!

Cristall Harper has developed a specialized process to paint water beginning with watery acrylic paint and loose strokes.


Acrylic paint watered down gives the look and feel of moving water.


New to the gallery, “Take the Leap,” features beautiful reflections in the water created by oil paint glazes.

Harper’s dog portraits have always been favorites with Gallery MAR collectors, and what’s more fun than a happy dog painting?  Answer: a painting of a happy dog playing in the water!  Visitors to the gallery reminisce about their favorite dog-in-the-water painting from years back, and that’s saying something.

Enjoy the abstract nature of Harper’s water play. Can you hear the splashing?


“Golden Days of Summer” features blue sky reflections on the water as well as the jewel-like rocks below the surface. Splashing and flying water by a shaking dog make it too cute for words.


Cropped images of Cristall’s magical water could be paintings in themselves.


“Torpedo” was based on Harper’s first puppy love and muse, Buttercup.


As a special birthday surprise for her husband, Harper painted the couple’s two dogs who love to fish in the shallows of Lake Michigan.


Cricket is Cristall Harper’s new puppy and muse.


After a well deserved break from her heavy load of Christmas commissions, Cristall is excited to return to her studio in happy abandon and make more magic.