November 15th, 2019

Havoc Hendricks, “Clear Blue Moon,” mixed media, 45″ x 45″

By Veronica Vale

Circles. A shape whose meaning and symbolism is so extensive, so profound, and so far-reaching that almost every culture and religion since the beginning of time has made reference to its form. From Platonic ideals to archetypal concepts of unity, harmony, and eternity, circles have played a central role in our world, and now, more than ever, they play a pivotal role in our homes.

Modernity may have brought with it streamlined forms and sharp, sleek edges, but now in 2019 (looking into 2020), rounded forms are our salvation, curving our edges and bringing a softness to our modern architecture. This year’s Milan Design Week drove this idea home, proving to us that circles and rounded forms are having a major moment in the world of interior design.

Milan Design Week 2019: Marquetry Mania collection by Nada Debs

Here we’ve curated a few of our favorite looks from Milan Design Week 2019 along with our favorite rounded artworks from Gallery MAR artists to help you achieve this trending aesthetic and add a touch of grace and unity to your home.


Milan Design Week:

Milan Design Week 2019: Fluid Colours: ‘Tides-Maree’ installation by Noroo Group, in collaboration with Kwangho Lee and Danish studio Wang & Söderström. Photo: dreamsanddesign

This luminous design by the Noroo Group reminds us of a Havoc Hendricks work. Using LED lights, Hendricks creates works that captivate no matter the time of day. Natural light will highlight the mesmerizing nuances of his mixed media work, while the dim light of night will reveal the moonlight glow of his soothing work.

Gallery MAR:

Havoc Hendricks, “Black Moonrise (LED),” mixed media, 48″ x 48″

Havoc Hendricks, “Pink Magic Moon,” mixed media, 23″ x 23″]


Milan Design Week:

Milan Design Week 2019: Transparency Matters by Draga & Aurel

The candied jewel tones of Draga & Aurel’s furniture work bring to mind the layered works of Havoc Hendricks and R. Nelson Parrish. Both Hendricks and Parrish work in mixed media, bringing dazzling depth to their rounded works.

Gallery MAR:

Havoc Hendricks, “Emerald Geode,” mixed media, 43″ x 40″

R. Nelson Parrish, “Delano Ciarn,” bioresin and wood, 11.5″ x 11.5″ x 3.25″

R. Nelson Parrish, “Lakeside Installation,” bioresin and wood, 48″ x 80″ x 1″


Milan Design Week:

NOROO Group – Kwang-ho Lee at Ventura Centrale

The Noroo Group at Ventura Centrale stuns again with their vignette of swirling circular designs, showing how round art can complement each other. Here are a few stunning pieces from our gallery, sure to give your home that same “wow” factor, whether paired with other work or standing on their own:

Gallery MAR:


Shawna Moore, “Offshore,” encaustic, 48″ x 48″

Maura Allen, “Coming Around Again,” acrylic, 36″ x 36″

Hunt Slonem, “Untitled,” oil, 10″ x 8″

Maura Allen, “Spring Trail II,” acrylic, 24″ x 24″