October 18th, 2019

By Veronica Vale

Synonymous with the Gallery MAR brand is the signature yellow-orange-gold and black colors that comprise our logo. This fresh and bold color combo echos the always fresh and bold artwork within our gallery walls.

This season, the changing autumn leaves, with their classic golden Aspens, are giving us all the Gallery MAR aesthetic we could ask for. So with this autumn palette shimmering in our eyes and through our windows, we had to wonder, where – besides the trees that dot the hills and valleys of Park City – did our Gallery MAR signature color combo originate?

Gallery MAR owner, Maren Mullin, recalls that she’s always been drawn to this particular shade of gold: “When I first moved to Park City, I had a fun (but not very convenient) convertible in the same color, from which I towed our art trailer.”

Maren Mullin recalls that she’s always been drawn to this particular shade of gold

Perhaps this shade of gold looks strangely familiar for another reason. Interestingly, Mullin elaborates that “the bright and cheerful Orange color is actually the same Pantone as [her] favorite champagne, Veuve Cliquot.” Art and champagne? Now that’s a winning combination.

To give you even more reason to celebrate (and to pop that champagne!) this season, we’ve collected a few of our favorite Gallery MAR gold pieces to bring a pop of our fresh and bold brand to your home:

We love how Sarah Winkler’s textural work brings a bright, modern flash to nature’s serenity. The gold in this work has us pining to see the sun filtering through the golden Aspens of the West.

This sunset field in Mary Scrimgeour’s painting, “High Meadows” reminds us that even bold hues of yellows and oranges can be surprisingly peaceful.

If you haven’t seen a glass work of Jared Davis’ illuminated by natural sunlight, please do your eyes a favor and stop by Gallery MAR. Every surface the golden light reflects onto instantly becomes a luminous piece of the work itself.

With this piece by James Penfield, we can see why Maren Mullin decided to pair our signature gold with black. Mullin writes, “The black is just a great contrast to [the gold] color and I liked the boldness of the combination!” Seeing the energy created from this contrast, we couldn’t agree more.

Gallery MAR gold AND sunlit wintry slopes? This painting by Jonathan Julien is a Park City match made in heaven.

James Penfield’s work has always been high drama in a small frame, and – with the help of our favorite color combo – this piece is no exception.

Our Gallery MAR gold and black was made for the dynamic strokes of Rebecca Kinkead. The boldness of the sunflowers in the foreground paired with the delicate sweetness of those doe faces is everything we could hope for from this visionary artist.