August 10th, 2019

By Victoria Slagel, Fine Art Consultant

The surest way to know anyone better is by spending significant time with them. And to our delight this was the case when Shawna Moore came to town for her artist exhibition and immersive Eperience. Bringing fresh new flare and style to her encaustic series named “Wayfarer,” this collection emanates with freedom that travel brings, love for the open road, and bliss on a remote beach.

Starting the weekend right, Moore held space for a yoga class to the public. Leading the attendees through a relaxed flow, it was evident Shawna incorporates a deep presence in her yoga practice and how that translates into her artwork. Stillness and wisdom are some words I would use to describe Moore on and off her mat. All who received this gift were lifted by her energy and deep grace.

The very next day marked the opening of “Wayfarer.” and the last Friday art stroll of the month. Collectors and art appreciators marveled over the colorful encaustics while meeting Ms. Moore. Her new series, inspired by a shedding of the past, brings the viewer to really look and feel as the colors meld together in playful form, welcoming the future with open arms. Finger foods and live music were enjoyed by all.