August 30th, 2019

Today we are sharing the of of one of our artists, Nina Tichava, as she celebrates her new studio in Santa Fe. Read on to learn more about the process of renovating and moving into her new digs.

By Nina Tichava

How’s this for knowing that you’re a successful artist: I spend more more waking hours in my studio these days then I do at home! It’s true! It’s been my dream to reach this level as a professional, but it was becoming painfully clear that I needed more space.

For the past few years I’ve been working in a 650 square foot studio on the east side of Santa Fe; it’s a community of working artists and artisans along the Santa Fe River, in a gorgeous setting and historic adobe buildings. I love where I work and pinch myself daily for my connection to this place—I’ve had a studio on-and-off here since 2004, my first year after art school in San Francisco.

Two years ago my husband took over the production of my panels and framing; we closed off a tiny portion of my old studio (about 80 square feet! How did he do it?!?) as a dedicated wood shop. Plus, we needed an area for painting storage, shipping supplies, production materials… the studio was FULL to say the least. On top of this, demand for my larger paintings has increased tenfold; I find myself regularly juggling over-sized panels at least five feet long.

BIG is my favorite way to work, but to say I was having trouble managing the square footage is an understatement.

I’d been on the wait-list for a larger space for a while, so when my neighbor told me he was moving I jumped at the chance (I’ll miss him, but I’ve wanted his studio FOREVER!). My amazing husband—who happens to be an architectural designer with a background in contracting and carpentry, ahem—worked evenings & weekends to clear out the studio, build new walls and storage, and create the most incredible work space.

We now have 1,000 square feet, which includes his new wood shop, a storage and break area (we have a kitchenette! And our own bathroom! Yay!!!). This space also has huge East-facing windows and skylights running the length of the studio, to let in that famous Santa Fe light.

I’m thrilled and I can’t wait to make some huge, beautiful paintings in here for years to come. The artist dream is real!