May 31st, 2019

By Eileen Treasure, Manager

I spent Mother’s Day weekend painting a wall mural of Uncle Sam — in an exclusive, mountain resort home. Because the property was a six hour drive away, I could not see the space beforehand. My schedule was tight — leave Friday morning, layout the mural on the wall and block in colors and try to complete the project by Saturday evening.  Right before the start date, the client added wording to the design (yikes)!

This lovely addition to the project necessitated bringing along my daughter, Emily, who (besides being a brilliant photographer and artist)  excels at painting precision lines. And what better way to spend Mother’s Day than with my favorite daughter (my only daughter)?

Gallery owner’s note… Eileen and Emily did an amazing job. They are both gems and enjoy a challenge. While we have several artists who paint mural work, this project seemed just perfect for Eileen and we were grateful that she was able to take it on.  Also — we don’t really understand the wording, either, that was a client request. Well done, ladies!


There were a few surprises upon arrival, like finding out that the wall was larger than the designer stated, the water in the house was shut off and the lighting on wall itself was minimal. On the plus side, having a digital projector (thank you Maren and the Park City Library) and a Cricut machine (thank you Emily) for cutting the letter templates, allowed us to achieve success.

I’ll admit that at one point Uncle Sam had 6 fingers on his hand — but after 13 hours we finished together, satisfied and exhausted.

A digital projector was used to layout the design and determine the size of the lettering. I used two different paper images of Uncle Sam to capture the details of his face and clothing. Emily used a Sharpie pen to make the fine black outline of the lettering, but the stars and stripes pattern inside “full throttle” was a bigger challenge.

It was hard work, but fun to spend time with my daughter painting.