February 2nd, 2019

We started the year off how we would start anything at Gallery MAR — with a party.

Jared and Nicole Davis traveled from Colorado, bringing in tow some beautiful new pieces, just in time for the artist reception at the gallery. The very next day, Jared and Nicole allowed us ladies and some of our local collectors bare witness to the birth of a glass piece at Red Flower Studio. What a gay affair it was too! Jared and Nicole are succinct, intuitively reading each others’ energy, understanding the others’ needs, while shaping, molding, and blowing hot liquid glass.

It was a dance honed over time with true dedication to the craft–  and it was beautiful.






We recommend Red Flower Studio for your next glass blowing party. Cooking Wagyu beef on red hot glass was a first and I highly suggest it. The creation Nicole and Jared Davis manifested into form before our very eyes is available for purchase at Gallery MAR.

Just ask for the “Mountain Vista – Park City” glass. Don’t hesitate as it may find a home soon! Until next time, love Victoria.