December 1st, 2018

By Veronica Vale, Fine Art Consultant

Calling all dog lovers: now you can immortalize your best friend through art. Whether you prefer the expressive, painterly strokes of artists Cristall Harper and Rebecca Kinkead, or the three-dimensional forms of Fran Nicholson and Jamie Burnes, Gallery MAR can help you capture the sweet essence of your furry friend with a beautifully unique commissioned piece.

Local artist Cristall Harper renders her subjects in oil on panel. She takes pride in capturing the joy and spirit of dogs and has a special eye for reference photos that capture the true personality of your dog. Her love and passion for man’s best friend shines through her work.

Vermont-based artist Rebecca Kinkead uses palette knife and tool work to give her work its signature energetic look. While she’s renown for a wide range of subject matter, her dog paintings have a way of touching viewers’ hearts.

New Mexico artist Fran Nicholson strives to capture dogs in their most authentic state, whether that’s chasing a ball, chewing on their favorite stick, or looking lovingly for a treat. Her sweet bronzes make wonderful gifts (even if it’s to yourself), and her “Angel” series is perfect for anyone mourning their beloved late friend.

New Mexico artist Jamie Burnes specializes in wildlife and abstract sculptural work of CorTen Steel and Cedar wood. However, his craftsmanship and talent lends itself beautifully to our canine companions.