October 31st, 2018

Bringing in new artists is always an exciting undertaking for us. We are very careful about who we add to our stable of artists. At time point, we receive over 800 submissions a year and we do actually look at everything. Most of the time, the artists that we add are creators that we have sought out — and occasionally courted! — for years.

This fall, we ushered in two painters new to Gallery MAR. One, a well-known and celebrity-collected artist from the Big City of NYC. The other, a young and fresh emerging artist without the formalities of an art degree.

Both have proved popular to our collectors and we’ve sold two of each artists’ works. And I personally need to have one of each, of course.

So, who are they?

Hunt Slonem & Havoc Hendricks!


Below, enjoy the fresh artwork that they bring to the gallery, and click on the above links to view the entire collection of their paintings. We will be sure to host future shows for each artist but for now you can see them hanging each day here at Gallery MAR.