September 7th, 2018

I’ll miss the energy and fun of Main Street when celebrating holidays at Gallery MAR. Not to mention, the Park City Fourth of July parade never disappoints!

By Veronica Vale, Fine Art Consultant

As my husband and I prepare to move back to North Carolina to be closer to family, I can’t help but reflect on my experience here at Gallery MAR. It’s been such a privilege to work with such wonderful, compassionate staff, such talented, down-to-earth artists, and such lovely and kind clients. Reflecting on two fantastic years at Gallery MAR makes this goodbye all the more bittersweet, nevertheless, here are just a few images from some of my favorite Gallery MAR moments:

This one-on-one interview and studio visit with encaustic artist Bridgette Meinhold was such a fun and fascinating experience. Bridgette Meinhold‘s dog leads me to Bridgette’s studio, nestled in the Wasatch mountains.


What better way to bond with our artists than through yoga? We had a blast attempting yoga positions with Nina Tichava and Maura Allen on stand-up paddleboards in the Homestead Crater Hot Spring in Midway, UT.


Hanging these heavy encaustic panels and flitch sculptures was well worth the challenge. This joint show with Shawna Moore and R. Nelson Parrish was one of the most aesthetically stunning exhibitions I’ve seen.


Getting to know just how sweet and grounded our local artists are makes me all the more excited about their gorgeous art.  Cristall Harper and Aaron Memmott’s show last summer was full of such joy and talent.


I love gallery owner Maren Mullin‘s attention to detail and the way she truly cares about how an artist’s work is presented. Here I’m adding a little paint touch up on our gold wall so that Michael Kessler‘s beautiful work can truly shine without distraction.


There are few things as satisfying as helping a client find the perfect piece for their space, while at the same time helping an artist find the perfect home for their work. Bridgette Meinhold‘s encaustic piece complements our local collector’s rustic wood wall, giving the room a window into a dreamy world.


Packaging a painting for delivery is not the most glamorous aspect of the job, but knowing how excited our collectors will be when they see this art package on their doorstep? Worth every roll of bubble wrap.


You can read an artist’s bio as many times as you’d like, but there’s something about meeting an artist in person that helps you to better understand their art. I’ve loved hearing an artist’s passion for what they do shine through when they talk about their work. Here Sarah Winkler discusses her artistic process before her show.