August 31st, 2018

A cyclist races past the 300 meter mark in front of Gallery MAR

By Veronica Vale, Fine Art Consultant

Spectators, cycling enthusiasts, and Park City pedestrians lined Main Street on Sunday, August 12th to cheer on cyclists in the 2018 Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah. Named one of the top professional cycling events in North America, this race showcases some of the world’s greatest cycling athletes. The tour runs through Canyons Village, Snowbird Resort, Old Town, and more, all the while boasting Utah’s natural beauty and wonderful people and culture.

Fans line Main Street encouraging the cyclists on the last leg of the tour. One furry fan in particular is mesmerized by the race

Their website touts an inspiring message in line with Park City’s own culture, “Without a doubt, the Tour of Utah has achieved world-class status. Our event not only represents a forum for showcasing athletic perfection, but communicates a broader message: how individual attention to personal health and physical activity at every age will lead to a stronger, healthier society.”

Tour of Utah 300 meter mark outside of Gallery MAR

Gallery MAR enjoyed a front row seat to the 300 meter mark of this year’s race, now considered the “top international cycling event that follows the Tour de France.” Despite the drizzling rain, the athletes raced on, embodying determination and will power with every pedal. Meanwhile, fans cheered and rang cow bells, offering their most generous support in the last leg of the journey.