June 8th, 2018

By Veronica Vale, Fine Art Consultant

To give affirmation is to give life a heightened sense of value. Local artists Cristall Harper and Ron Russon honor some of life’s most affirming experiences through their art, whether it’s in preserving a shimmering summer moment with man’s best friend or in capturing the majestic beauty of earth’s greatest beasts. Their art opens viewers up to an emotionally-uplifting experience, granting us all blissful affirmation.

Cristall Harper creates her lively dog paintings through a buildup of acrylic and oil layers. She often paints alla prima, or “all in one sitting.” Her work draws inspiration from her own experiences with owning a lab, her beloved late Buttercup. Although she also loves to paint the playfulness and pure joy of dogs she finds online and in person, she especially enjoys continuing the life and spirit of her Buttercup through her work.

Ron Russon seeks inspiration form Mother Nature. Documenting the creatures of the American West in both nature reserves and the wild, he then returns to his studio to translate his experience through oil on canvas. His work relies on bold colors, geometric forms, and textured strokes, rather than realism, to demonstrate the dynamic experience of standing before such great beasts.

Please join Gallery MAR in welcoming both featured artists for an artist reception on Friday, July 20th at 6pm. Both artists will be in attendance.