June 20th, 2018

It is a joy to work with Santa Fe artist Nina Tichava. After nearly six years of representation, her work continues to astound us here at Gallery MAR. This new delivery of fine artwork in mixed media is no exception. We asked the soon-to-be-married artist what her inspirations were for this series, and she gladly answered.

“These recent works have been a really exciting “revisiting” of ongoing themes within my work; a conversation last winter with Maren had me thinking about certain past paintings — we both independently had some of the same favorites and I wanted to see how I might approach similar works now.

It was so much fun and surprisingly satisfying to approach past ideas with a fresh perspective, for example: adding collage with vintage maps of Utah and the West to my under paintings and working with tried & true patterns but in new color combinations (I’m loving greens right now!).

I think the paintings that came from this are even stronger than some of the original “favorites” — so I guess these are my new ones!”

You’ll find the beautiful and layered textures of Nina Tichava’s work in many public collections, including at One Empire Pass, right here in Deer Valley Utah.