March 15th, 2018

By Veronica Vale, Fine Art Consultant

When shapes blur into abstract forms and colors flash in the blink of an eye, encaustic artist Shawna Moore and mixed media artist R. Nelson Parrish are at the height of inspiration. Whether they’re skiing powder in a snowstorm or diving through waves on a surfboard, both artists thrive on the feeling of moving through landscape at great speed.

Shawna Moore captures these moments in time using the encaustic medium. This unique and dynamic technique incorporates pigmented bee’s wax, which is heated, re-worked, etched, and scuffed to achieve dimensional depth. As each layer cools, another can be applied, resulting in a radiant and complex terrain of light, color, and texture.

Through thick, hand-casted bio-resin and intense bands of delicate pigments, R. Nelson Parrish juxtaposes two forms of speed – that of an athlete up against the challenging and euphoric elements of nature, and that of anyone up against the increasingly rapid pace of contemporary living.

Through their work, time slows and is compressed into reflection and appreciation of one singular, yet layered moment in time. Join us for our artist reception for our exhibition “TIME” by Shawna Moore and R. Nelson Parrish on Friday, March 16th, starting at 6pm for live music, refreshments, and a conversation with the artists.