February 28th, 2018

By Veronica Vale, Fine Art Consultant

In his show, “This Wilderness,” Matt Flint searches for essence – something more powerful than likeness. He aims to demonstrate the mortality of his subjects, the dichotomy of strength and fragility, and of nature’s raw and beautiful allure, which calls to us and runs through us all.

Matt Flint‘s work is composed of opaque, earthy patches of color built up in layers of rough, thick impasto, juxtaposed with ethereal, atmospheric glazes.

His latest show takes inspiration from the words of the poet L.C. Vieira from the poem “This Wilderness” (2007, 2013):

“Though it’s hard, this wilderness —

I know enough to stand in awe;

I am not worthy of its wildness,

but still it calls me, calls me, calls.”

We hope you’ll come see for yourself the wild, dazzling work of Matt Flint’s new show “This Wilderness,” on display now through March at Gallery MAR.