February 6th, 2018

Here at Gallery MAR in Park City, Jylian Gustlin continues to amaze us with her strength in a variety of subject matter. Very rarely is an artist accomplished in both figurative and abstract styles — and as well regarded for tackling both. Gustlin’s recent show “Statera” comes from the Latin word for balance and exhibits just that: the teeter totter between realism and expressionism in her mixed media on panel works. This new series eschews her previous shine and resin finish for a matte gloss finish; this allows the viewer to see through to the layering of archival papers and embossed paint, acrylic paint and oil stick.

After watching (for over five years) collectors add Jylian Gustlin’s work to their homes, I finally decided that 2018 was my year and I selected a painting in the Entropy series to my own home. Although it hangs in our current home, I am planning to use the piece as a guide for the color palette of our next house — breaking ground this summer.

Opening this Friday February 9th, “Statera” will hang for three weeks. Visit the gallery to view the works in person, or contact the gallery to request your First Look catalog.