January 9th, 2018

Jamie Burnes’ “Gwenivere” sculpture gets ready to exit the gallery, carefully wrapped and prepared by Park City movers.


Artist: Jamie Burnes
Title: Gwenivere
Medium: Mixed Media
Size: 76″ x 85″ x 19″


Platform “roller skates” are placed under each hoof, so ease the weight and allow the sculpture to smoothly move.


And there she goes, out the door. To make it out of the opening, the sculpture must be turned 90 degrees in one position. Artist Jamie Burnes has a diagram of our doorway in his studio; each sculpture must be created to a very specific size, so that it can come in (and out!) of the historic mining-era doorway.


She made for quite a scene, moving down Main Street and to the moving truck. People strolling Main Street asked is she was a moose, a horse, or a goat and several gazers stopped to witness the whole journey from gallery to truck.


Easy does it! Each mover has strict instructions about where they could place their hands to bear weight.


Moving handles and straps helped to balance the sculpture as it was arranged to move from the sidewalk to a lift-gate on the truck.


Those fabulous “roller skates” are the perfect solution to give the horse locomotion!


Going from the sidewalk to the street proved to be the most challenging (and back breaking) part of the journey. Each skate had to be adjusted on its own and the entire sculpture needed to be elevated at one point. But once down, it rolled right onto the lift-gate with ease.


Up, up, up went “Gwenivere” into the truck, and she was safely secured to the walls of the vehicle. Thank you for your great work — we can’t wait to show you photos of her on the other end — in her final home!


Now… we just need a new large-scale sculpture from the artistic master Jamie Burnes!