December 22nd, 2017

Wrapped for travel, Gwenivere is the newest Corten Steel horse to arrive at Gallery MAR from Jamie Burnes. It’s always a show stopper if you happen to catch the action on Main Street. Here is how 580 pounds of steel and wood enters the gallery:

Jamie attaches a winch to lift the horse off the trailer and onto wheeled carts that act as roller skates.

It took three men plus one winch operator to maneuver Gwenivere over the curb and into the gallery.

Driving in from Santa Fe with 8 new pieces of sculpture takes planning, as well as careful calculations to ensure the sculpture will fit inside the doors to the gallery.

Fellow artist, Ron Russon, happened to be delivering his paintings to Gallery MAR, and he graciously stayed to assist along with Maren’s husband, Matt.  At home in Gallery MAR, she’s knightly but not a knight — she’s Gwenivere.

The Corten steel is left black with grinding and polishing to reveal bare steel. The cedar wood is toasted to show beautiful hues of rust and black. This piece can be placed indoors or out and either varnished to maintain the black steel or left to develop the classic Corten rust.

Join us at Gallery MAR on Friday, December 29, for an artist’s reception featuring oil paintings by Rebecca Kinkead and sculpture by Jamie Burnes. Both artists will be in attendance.