November 7th, 2017

That time of year is coming up that we always enjoy — #LivePCGivePC is this Friday and we’re so proud to bring you this event to come together as a community support so many of our local nonprofits. Gallery MAR is  one of many sponsors of this incredible program and this year we are trying to raise just under $2 Million for our local nonprofits in town.

Gallery MAR has offered up a challenge grant for Recycle Utah — learn more and donate on their page:

By donating to Park City Community Foundation on November 10, you’re helping us provide education, grants and more to all of the amazing organizations around town that make Park City feel like home for everyone. The Park City Community Foundation is creating an enduring philanthropic community for all the people of Park City. As organizer of Live PC Give PC, Park City Community Foundation builds broad engagement and diverse support to create wide community impact, and helps get financial support to the nonprofits that make our community a better place.

GIVE NOW FOR LIVE PC GIVE PC! Donate today to Park City Community Foundation:

And there are prizes too, for your nonprofit that receives the most in their category, or have the most new donators. Check them out, below.

With the support of several generous sponsors, Park City Community Foundation and Live PC Give PC are offering prizes for the nonprofits with the most unique donors giving to this year’s event:

All Nonprofits Leaderboard, sponsored by Park City Mountain and EpicPromise: First Prize $2500, Second Prize $1500, Third Prize $1000

Caring for Each Other Leaderboard, sponsored by Park City Hospital: First Prize $1250, Second Prize $750, Third Prize $500

Energizing and Enlivening Leaderboard: First Prize $1250, Second Prize $750, Third Prize $500

Keep On Moving Leaderboard, sponsored by SNOCRU: First Prize $1250, Second Prize $750, Third Prize $500

Protecting Where We Play Leaderboard, sponsored by Andeavor Foundation: First Prize $1250, Second Prize $750, Third Prize $500

Sparking Minds Leaderboard, sponsored by GBS Benefits: First Prize $1250, Second Prize $750, Third Prize $500

Leaderboard prizes will be awarded based on the total number of unique donors making at least one online gift via the Live PC Give PC 2017 platform. Organizations listed on leaderboards may only win one leaderboard prize, for a total of 18 nonprofits winning a prize.

Power Hour Booster Challenges, sponsored by Park City Community Foundation

Three “Power Hours” will be announced via social media on November 10 at specific times of day. Starting at the announced hour, each of the hourly challenges will add $20 to the next 200 unique-donor donations of $20 or more.

Prize funds will be paid to qualifying nonprofits by Park City Community Foundation by December 15.