November 10th, 2017

For Colorado sculptor, Joe Norman, opposites have always attracted his attention. His work has often focused on the dichotomy of organic and man-made shapes coexisting, like riveted steel blackbird wings, seed pods abstracted into smooth, domed structures and animal bones simplified into wire-framed lines. Says Norman, “I find it reassuring that mathematical geometry and organic shapes can exist together, like a perfectly smooth road winding through the jagged mountains.”

Norman’s recent work involves large words that are opposites, yet coexist in one piece of sculpture. We read one word from one view and the other as we walk around the piece. He states he was at first interested in showing the transformation from one idea (fear) to another (love), but after a year exploring this theme, “I found that a more appealing interpretation is that these concepts can exist together in the same person or society. Someone can have LOVE and FEAR at the same time, and I find that a very useful conservation.”

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