August 7th, 2017

By Veronica Vale, Fine Art Consultant

Local artist Glen Hawkins gave us all a treat this Gallery Stroll with a bit of live painting in front of Gallery MAR. The Utah-based oil painter rode into town on his motorcycle and set up his plein air easel on Main Street to paint the hustle and bustle of Park City’s monthly Gallery Stroll. Gallery strollers enjoyed watching as the artist painted, with palette knife in hand. the entire July evening scene alla prima.

Hawkins is renown for his moody, atmospheric city scenes in which he uses suggestive palette knife strokes and a sharp eye for color and light to capture the beauty and energy of his scenes, rather than render them precisely. The chiaroscuro of the city streets and the subtle texture of the sky breathe life into each one of his paintings.

Visit our website’s Artists page to see Glen Hawkins’ full body of work or to inquire about the gallery’s freshest (still slightly wet!) piece “The Stroll.”