July 31st, 2017

By Veronica Vale, Fine Art Consultant

Cherished are the sweet, fleeting moments of our memory, whether it be the endearing tilt of a dog’s head or the afternoon sun’s glisten off of a familiar road. Cristall Harper and Aaron Memmott aim to immortalize the ephemeral, capturing the joys of a moment and the heartfelt pang of nostalgia with every mastered stroke of the brush. Their joint show “Familiarity” here at Gallery MAR features the latest work from these two local Utahan artists.

Aaron Memmott uses a rich palette and an acute awareness of light to paint scenes of illuminated neighborhood intersections, glowing streetlights, and wet, reflective streets. Whether inspired by his travels or his Park City hometown, Memmott preserves stilled moments in time in each of his dynamic urban landscapes – moments that somehow always feel achingly familiar.

Cristall Harper aims to portray the beauty of everyday scenes, inspired by play of light, color, and man’s best friend. With elegantly simple, understated brush strokes, Harper brings life and joy to her flower and canine subjects. When she and her husband welcomed their dear yellow lab, Buttercup, into their lives, Cristall Harper discovered her artistic purpose. Although Buttercup has since passed, the memory of her lively spirit continues to inspire Harper to paint scenes that are sure to resonate with anybody who has ever known the pure joy and unconditional love of a dog.

Cristall Harper and Aaron Memmott’s show “Familiarity” will be on display here at Gallery MAR from late July to late August.