June 7th, 2017

By Eileen Treasure, Fine Art Consultant

Recently, we shipped a 900 pound wood and Cor-ten steel sculpture,”14 Piece Ring,” by Jamie Burnes to a ranch in Texas. The artist builds his work for Gallery MAR to within an inch of exact dimensions so each large-scale piece will fit through the front doorway of Gallery MAR.

Since it rolled in the front door (with 9″ of snow on top!) during the Sundance Festival in January, we knew it would roll out. Jamie always provides construction-weight roller skates for his large-scale work, and that is how the journey to Texas began.



The sculpture was then rolled onto the lift-gate of the Navis truck (our shippers in nearby Salt Lake).  The “roller skates” had to come off at this stage so the ring would clear the height of the truck opening.

The next step involved three pairs of extra hands who happened to be walking by. We were all nervous that the first movement of the lift-gate might jolt the ring into a free fall — yikes! The professionals from Navis tethered the top of the ring, and one man kept the rope taut from inside the truck as the gate lifted.



The beautiful sculpture “14 Piece Ring” now rests in a picturesque meadow overlooking this spectacular swimming pond. Thank you to all the helping hands, the collectors, and to the artist, Jamie Burnes.

We anxiously await the next large-scale piece that will roll into the gallery.