May 26th, 2017

By Veronica Vale, Fine Art Consultant

Gallery MAR is proud to now represent the work of artist Julia Morgan-Leamon and of artist Faye Mylen. Allow us to introduce you to these two talented individuals:


Julia Morgan-Leamon‘s work aims to capture everyday movement and gesture with loose brush strokes and a lively palette. Her painterly approach exemplifies the sense of adventure and risk-taking which she aims to capture with her subject matter. Morgan-Leamon uses both painting and time-based media to study and beautifully preserve “aspects of the unanticipated choreography” of the human experience.

While based out of Massachusetts and New Mexico, Morgan-Leamon’s work has been exhibited at venues all across the globe, demonstrating her work’s universal appeal in its endeavor to capture the essence of “human vulnerability and resilience.”


Faye Mylen‘s work, meanwhile, focuses on nature, landscapes, and the connection therein using oil paint on metal.

“The language of art for me is more about connection than beauty, although beauty resides in that connection. The connection is with the subject that I paint, which is mainly nature. I study the view that I am painting and this develops within me an even greater reverence for the raw beauty and grace nature holds.”

In her studio in Connecticut, Faye Mylen not only explores the connection between herself and her natural subject, but also the connection between herself and her viewer. Mylen channels her reverence and deep appreciation for nature into her work, allowing the emotions that nature bestows upon her to reveal themselves on canvas. These emotions help her to bring abstract qualities to the natural landscape which she hopes enhances the viewer’s experience of the work by connecting them with “the raw beauty and grace that nature holds.”

We are thrilled to add the lively, adventurous work of Julia Morgan-Leamon and the tranquil, graceful work of Faye Mylen to our Gallery MAR team of artists, and we invite you to see for yourselves the beauty of their latest work.