April 16th, 2017

By Veronica Vale, Fine Art Consultant

Gallery MAR is excited to announce our new partnership with the online marketplace, 1stdibs.com. This innovative platform provides a streamlined online fine art shopping experience. Art seekers can effortlessly find the perfect piece for their homes by sorting art inventory by style, subject matter, artist, medium, size, or even color. While nothing beats the experience of standing before a painting in an art gallery, 1stdibs gives art seekers a rich and intimate online experience. The site enables different views of any piece, a bio of each featured artist, and in-depth information on the work itself, all at the click of a button.


Although we are always thrilled to meet art seekers at our Park City location, we hope that for those that cannot make it out to see us, that this online marketplace provides a fun, enriching experience of our gallery.

“At 1stdibs, we’re here to connect the world’s best dealers, finest shops and most important galleries with individuals like you: the world’s most sophisticated collectors, designers, and curators.

Starting with the few dealers that were hand-selected by our founder, Michael Bruno, at Paris’s legendary antiques market, Marché Aux Puces, in 2001, we’ve become the global destination for those who must have ‘first dibs’ on treasures — from around the world — that would otherwise be inaccessible.”