January 10th, 2017

“Powder (Spruce Glades)” in its Park City home, perfect for this family’s game room. Painted by Rebecca Kinkead, the texture and movement of the painting echo the jovial times that are spent in this room, and we love how the ceiling’s beams “frame” the painting as well.


This custom Fred Calleri commission features the family together on their annual holiday vacation in Park City. We enjoyed seeing this “unexpected” family portrait come together, sized and scaled for this particular mantle’s niche.


The dark gray wall is an ideal backdrop to this Matt Flint painting, which was selected last year for this client. We were able to safely store this painting until the new home was completed; a year later, we shipped the painting and it was installed that very same week!


The soft, mellow tones of this Shawna Moore painting compliment this bedroom’s decor exceptionally well. Encaustic paintings can be installed over a fireplace, if the unit is properly encased and to code.