December 9th, 2016

"You're the First and the Last of Your Kind" by Nina Tichava, $1,450

“You’re the First and the Last of Your Kind” by Nina Tichava, $1,450

Here at our Park City gallery, we are in the process of wrapping and shipping several art gifts for our collectors seasoned and new. It’s a very jolly time of year!

When you select a work of art, not only are you enriching the life of the recipient, but you are supporting the most creative of entrepreneurs: an artist!

So much of this time of year is mass-marketed and commercial. Why not make a selection that is unique, honest and true? Call the gallery today and we are happy to make additional suggestions with your recipient and price point in mind.

Do you need it to arrive in an un-marked box in order to keep a surprise? A personal note attached? Perfect timing for delivery? That’s what we are here for.

Below are a few selections with holiday gift giving in mind. And as always, gift wrap is complimentary and fabulous at Gallery MAR.

"PIlow Talk" by Fran Nicholson, $425

“Pillow Talk” by Fran Nicholson, $425


"Congruous" by Bridgette Meinhold, $1,450

“Congruous” by Bridgette Meinhold, $1,450


"Wee Sleepy Puppy" by Cristall Harper, $425

“Wee Sleepy Puppy” by Cristall Harper, $425



"Dusty Trail" by Fred Calleri, $1,875

“Dusty Trail” by Fred Calleri, $1,875



"Theater Glow" by Aaron Memmott, $975

“Theater Glow” by Aaron Memmott, $975


"National Park Lenses" by James Penfield, $475

“National Park Lenses” by James Penfield, $475


"Crow" by Wayne Salge, $1,800

“Crow” by Wayne Salge, $1,800