December 2nd, 2016

Visiting Santa Fe last week, we drove out to the studio of Jamie Burnes. In our gallery, Burnes is best known for his life sized sculpture in the shapes of horses and rings. But this artist is never comfortable in a category, and is constantly working out and trying new artworks, many by commission.


During this visit, I was able to see a new maquette for a larger scaled artwork of a jack rabbit. The smaller version made of steel and wood will be coming to Gallery MAR, but the larger piece, which will ultimately be sculpted out of petrified wood and steel, is to be placed on a ranch property in Texas. The stance and energy of this piece is equally dignified and adorable.

Additionally. Burnes is in the process of completing a new bison sculpture, also in wood and steel. It was exciting to see the piece in process, with some parts finalized and others still in the cut-out cardboard stage. The rusting process takes several days, after the sculpture is finished, and Burnes let us in on a little trade secret: have your five year old son spray the sculpture with water to quicken the final patina!

Burnes is also experimenting with a few new projects that will ultimately be wall pieces and functional artwork. There is more to come, but for now enjoy the studio images and the previews of the jack rabbit maquette and the bison that will soon make their way to Park City.