November 16th, 2016

Past the end of Canyon Road and down a narrow dirt road, we came to a group of small houses. Each one had a tiny ceramic number next to the front door and we searched for number nine. Nina Tichava’s studio is behind that door, which happened to be wide open and awaiting our visit.

These small homes are actually a compound of artist studios just outside of downtown Santa Fe, one next to the other, with a quiet stream and clean bathrooms nearby. What else could an artist want?

Inside, Tichava displayed her latest paintings including her latest series of “antlers” – modeled after pear tree limbs. As always, it was a great challenge to select from such a beautiful collection. Tichava is one of the hardest working artists we work with. Her painting process is diligent, precise, and relentless; “days off” are a rarity for Tichava, and we are all better for it.

Seeing her collection of materials, paints, nails, and patterns helps to put Tichava’s process into focus. We will bring a new body of work by Tichava to the gallery later this month, but in the meantime enjoy these studio shots.