October 9th, 2016

We have just over a month before we receive a new body of work from Bridgette Meinhold, whose show is entitled “Under the Same Sky.” the sentiment behind her upcoming show is beautiful, and we are re-posting her blog on our site to share her thoughtful insights into what this year has brought us all. The show opens on Friday, November 25th and we will hope to see you here to enjoy all of the artwork in person.

Please contact the gallery to receive our First Look email for “Under the Same Sky.”

“My new show opens the day after Thanksgiving, November 25th, at Gallery MAR here in Park City, Utah. I am so excited about the new work and feel like I’ve tapped into something new this fall and I cannot wait to share it with you all. Here is a sneak peak of my largest painting for the show, which is titled, “Under the Same Sky,” and is also the name for my show.

This year has been challenging – the news, the politics, global catastrophes, disasters. It feels scary a lot of the time, but we’re going through the same mess. We are in it together and living under the same sky. Rather than spend time discussing our differences, I hope we can focus on our similarities and work together to make a stronger, better world. And rather than get sucked into the 24 hour news cycle, let’s spend time collaborating, making art, being with friends and family, and enjoying this beautiful world we all inhabit. And just like the trees in the forest, let’s work together to create a strong, stable, healthy, uplifting ecosystem that we can all enjoy.”