September 3rd, 2016

We enjoy sharing public art opportunities with our blog readers, and hope that those of you reading this will forward the RFP on to an artist whom you think would be a good fit. This one is based in Salt Lake City, about 30 minutes from the gallery. Read on for more information, and visit the Gateway’s revitalization webpage for more information.

In conjunction with revitalization efforts and under new ownership, The Gateway (a mall in downtown Salt Lake City), is kicking off a property-wide Request For Proposal (RFP). They are seeking a variety of public artworks to transform the longtime downtown shopping destination into what they are calling “the artistic and cultural heart of Salt Lake City.”From the website, it appears that they are mostly seeking graffiti-type work, to emblazon their already formed walls and structures.


City Creek, a shopping mall just a few blocks away, opened in March of 2012 and has had a detrimental effect on the Gateway. Most of the stores moved to the Gateway, and the result is vacant storefronts and lack-luster traffic at the Gateway. I hope that the new owners have plans to lower rents and ultimately bring in independent stores local businesses.


In the RFP only paint work is show in the examples, but it is my hope that sculpture artists apply as well. Locations include the mall’s clock tower, movie theater entryway, underpasses, and artists are also encouraged to bring their own ideas to the space and find new locations in the mall for public art.


From the RFP: “We invite artists to stretch their creativity to interpret various spaces around the property creative unique, memorable experiences through artwork. We want this initiative to ultimately offer a home for a range of unique public artistry to Salt Lake City, as a place to celebrate creativity, community, and urban identity.”

Applications are due September 20th, 2016, installation is in November, and the RFP was just released this week.