May 9th, 2016

If you haven’t yet enjoyed dinner on Main Street (yes, actually on the street) you have two opportunities to enjoy.

With summer in full swing, it’s the right time to enjoy a meal on one of our Park City outdoor dining decks and watch as the world passes you by as you savor both the cuisine and the beauty offered by the surroundings.

Once a year, Main Street closes to vehicular traffic and is filled with tables bearing the best of Main Street’s restaurant offerings; the event is called Savor the Summit. This is our second year partnering with Purple Sage, and we will host a private cocktail party in the gallery, prior to the dinner, for those who plan to dine with them.

Another Main Street dining option, which takes place all summer long, are the ever-popular dining decks. 13 of Main Street’s best spots construct decks on top of parking spots, allowing dining guests to be out in the fresh air. Reservations are not required, so you can plan a trip to Park City to see the galleries, and find your own perfect spot at a dining deck.

As seasoned pros to outdoor dining in Park City, we have a few tips to ensure your experience is perfect.

  • Bring a sweater or light jacket for evening dining, as it does get cool as the sunsets over the mountains.
  • Request an outdoor space when making your reservation. The dining decks are quite popular and tend to fill quickly during busing summer evenings.
  • Allow yourself more time to enjoy your meal. It is quite easy to loose track of time in Park City during the summer months.