May 2nd, 2016

By Eileen Treasure

An art collection usually begins with paintings, but when sculpture is introduced, there is magic—a perfect pairing.  If you are unsure about what pieces “go” together, look for similarities in color, texture, shape or theme. Even juxtaposing two oddities can be a clever composition, as it never hurts to have a sense of humor in your collection.

Here are some examples from Gallery MAR’s current collection on display.

Above is a striking example of similar colors and contemporary style with Jared Davis’ glass sculpture, “Jupiter Vessel – Amethyst” along side the photography of Ace Kvale, with “Tranga Towers.” The warm, purple tones shift from 3-d object to 2-d photography.

The above painting, “A Perfect Day,” by Matt Flint is paired with a bronze sculpture by Carol Alleman, called “Voice of Wisdom.” Both pieces show the glories of nature and feel related to one another in color, tone and texture. Note that the large scale of the bronze (28″) stands its ground next to the 60″ x 48″ painting.

Here, above, the fluid bronze of Wayne Salge’s “Finish” shares the dynamic energy of Nina Tichava’s painting, “I Am the Envy of the Gardens.” The cool, sage-blue patina on the bronze also draws on similar color tones in the mixed media painting.

Another perfect pair — Jared Davis’ glass sculpture “Badlands and Crow” next to Michael Kessler’s “Synapse.”  They look made for each other! Pairing these two pieces, across the room from one another, would add color and dimension to any space. As both pieces are inspired by natural land formations, they would also “ground” a space in your home.

Let Gallery MAR assist you with adding sculpture to your art collection and discover your own perfect pairings; we’re open every day to assist you, and love to deliver artwork on approval to our collectors. Happy pairings to you!