May 30th, 2016

It’s a balmy, sunny afternoon.  The windows and doors are open to let in the breeze.  A sudden violent gust blows your cherished painting off the mantel and it crashes to the ground, hitting sharp objects along the way.  What do you do?

Luckily, the trash bin does not have to be the answer.  Torn paintings may seem hopeless, but even severe damage can be made nearly invisible with the proper repair.  Many times the damage is a small scratch or a minute nick on the finish.  Other times, it can be a large gash on a canvas or a deep dent to an encaustic work. A fine art restorer can repair the damage done to art work such as paintings, murals, sculptures, ceramics, paper works, etc. with little or no evidence of the destruction.




Fine art restoration has been around for centuries because the passing of time can fade and erode the original glory of an art piece.  Smog, oil from cooking and cigarette smoke are a few of the environmental hazards to your artwork.   A simple cleaning of a canvas or sculpture can be done by a fine art restorer very easily.


The restoration done by a fine art restorer includes research to determine which is the best course to take, and then cleaning the work and preserving it for the future.  This well publicized mistake (below) illustrates the importance of using a professional.



Gallery MAR can help you find a reputable fine art restorer.  Our staff has many resources and we will be happy to assist you with any of your fine art needs!