April 17th, 2016

Last week, owner Maren Mullin (I) had the honor of selecting the juror’s awards for the annual Snow College art show, and speaking to their art students. I rarely have the time and opportunity to speak about my career, but always relish the opportunity to share my background with students.

What a thrill — thanks for your great questions! I look forward to seeing these budding careers progress.

Jurying the show was indeed a challenge, as the talent in this group is far-reaching, across a broad spectrum of media. Snow College has done a wonderful job of utilizing their spaces for classes. Although the staff is small, they are incredibly engaged and actively support their students. The connections between student and professor, that I was able to see, are strong. This leads to great work, and selecting the winners proved difficult.

I was sorry to miss the opening, the timing of which coincided with work at my Park City gallery. Adam Larsen, the head of their department, was able to send me a few photos so that I could see the action.

If you are ever in Ephraim, take a visit to their college and view their student galleries.