March 16th, 2016

We are excited to announce our first solo show for Nina Tichava, New Mexico mixed media artist. The artist’s most recent paintings are visual poems devoted to the Aspen tree, perfect for our area.


Is all

Just a love contest

And I never


Now you have another good reason

To spend more time




—Hafiz, The Gift translated by Daniel Ladinsky

Using hand-cut stencils and drawings from life, Tichava blends repeated patterns with abstract and gestural painting. The deeply layered works are created over the course of months, evolving from a base of wood grain and simple collage into complex and dynamic compositions.

The paintings evoke organic forms such as trees and blossoms and convey the feeling of natural events like a rainfall, blowing winds or moving waters. At the same time, structured and measured elements reference the artificial and suggest objects, architecture and technologies; complex patterning mimics the appearance of fabric and textiles.

Please plan to join us for her artist reception, on Friday March 25th beginning at 6pm. Ms. Tichava is looking forward to speaking about her work and meeting her collectors.