February 5th, 2016

By Francine Valline

The Sundance excitement is winding down, snow is falling and the skiers are returning to Park City. The promise of fresh powder and upcoming bluebird days has infused our visitors, and the locals alike, with a happy anticipation. Bridgette Meinhold has captured the quiet magnificence of our mountains after a storm with her paintings.

The chill of the air and the whoosh of skis on soft snow are brought to mind with each viewing.

Bridgget Meinhold - In Passing


Artist: Bridgette Meinhold Title: Temporal State Medium: Encaustic Size: 25" x 40" Price: $4,000

Artist: Bridgette Meinhold
Title: In Passing (above) and Temporal State (below)
Medium: Encaustic

This gift of snow from Mother Nature brings other gifts along with it. The occasional glimpse of Elk feeding in our hills, forced lower in elevation by the deep snow, is a treat. It is magical to see a large creature, dusted in white, grazing peacefully as you cross country ski past it.


Matt Flint - Another Winter

Artist: Matt Flint
Title: Another Winter
Medium: Mixed Media
Size: 24″ x 24″


As the snow persistently falls and temperatures stay chilly, my mind wanders to a warmer climate. Daydreams of blue water and white sand keep me smiling while I shovel the driveway and founder in snow drifts. “Blue Zone” by Shawna Moore is a pleasant reminder of the Caribbean and a dip in an azure sea.

Artist: Shawna Moore Title: Blue Zone Medium: Encaustic Size: 40" x 50"

Artist: Shawna Moore
Title: Blue Zone
Medium: Encaustic
Size: 40″ x 50″